Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I love menswear. Not 'menswear inspired womenswear', menswear menswear. Whenever I'm shopping for leather goods, I always make a point to visit the men's section. I find men's leatherware have cleaner lines and look more timeless. They just have that classic, luxury feel to them. The added bonus of checking out the men's section is that you can sometimes luck out when less common sizes are on sale (i.e. Men's XS, yay!). Case in point: when I visited Woodbury Common last year, as per my family's sacred Columbus Day tradition, I scored a men's Burberry jacket on sale for 70% off!! This was especially elating considering that the women's section looked like a Foot Locker store after a Habs game 7 win... I'll try to post a picture of said jacket soon!

Photo credit: Things Organized Neatly.

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